Art in the neighbourhood

Golden Hands

The work of art 'Golden Hands' is the result of a collaboration between housing corporation Far West and Stadgenoot, residents, Mirjam Bakker and Wil van Blokland. It consists of a series of processed photos of residents' hands. The photos were taken during a series of workshops (including henna tattoo). Subsequently, the photos were printed on cloth, which was attached to convex diamond shapes. Residents then decorated the images with golden ornaments.  Placed in the hall of the apartment complex 'Het Atelier', these richly decorated hands of the residents welcome visitors upon entering and wave them goodbye when they leave.

Golden Hands
't Atelier, Postjesweg Amsterdam
Principal Far West
In partnership with Mirjam Bakker



handen hands hands
waterline wunsch
wenswald wensboom 1 noorderzon
smile colours ships
glimlach kleuren schepen
bottles portrets hands
doppen lichtobject handen
textiles still-lives buttons
kussens stillevens met knopen bloemenkleed
mosaic tiles  
logo opdrachtgever boxgangen  

gouden handen