Art in the neighbourhood

The artwork De Zilverlingen (the pieces of silver) is a collaborative project of the inhabitants of De Zilverling, housing corporation Stadgenoot and visual artists Mirjam Bakker and Wil van Blokland. It can be found in the central meeting hall of the apartment building ‘De Zilverling’, a sculptural building designed by LEVS architects.
The silver building and ‘pieces of silver’, silver coins, were the basic elements for this installation.

During various open house workshops young and old worked hard on a chandelier with over a hundred portraits of each other and themselves.

Pieces of silver
Apartment building De Zilverling
Dr. H. Colijnstraat, Geuzeveld, Amsterdam
In collaboration with Mirjam Bakker





lichtobject lichtobject detail werkproces portretten
verzameling zilver  
waterline wunsch
wenswald wensboom 1 noorderzon
smile colours ships
glimlach kleuren schepen
bottles portrets hands
doppen lichtobject handen
textiles still-lives buttons
kussens stillevens met knopen bloemenkleed
mosaic tiles  
logo opdrachtgever boxgangen